Here I Am 01. Get Me Out Of Here
02. Break You
03. Crawl
04. Here I Am
05. Little By Little
06. End Of Me
07. 13 Days
08. For You I'll Die
09. Let Me Introduce Myself
10. Heads Will Roll
11. At The End Of The Day featuring Art Alexakis
12. Six Feet Under
13. Gotta Be Kidding
14. In Spite Of Me
Heads Will Roll [EP] 01. Spit You Out
02. Heads Will Roll
03. All I Wanna Do Is You
04. 13 Days
05. Good 4 Sex
06. Let Me Introduce Myself Acoustic
Set Me Free 01. Set Me Free
02. Falling Away
03. Crawl
04. Here I Am
05. Thank You For Loving Me
06. 13 Days
07. Break You
08. Heads Will Roll
09. For You I'll Die
10. At The End Of The Day featuring Art Alexakis
11. All I Wanna Do Is You
12. Let Me Introduce Myself Acoustic
Songs From A Blackbird 01. Start Over
02. Driving
03. The Minute
04. Home featuring Lisa Miskovsky
05. On Fire
06. Never Leave Me
07. You And I
08. Don't You
09. Prove Me Wrong
10. Rest Your Head featuring Thom Hell
11. Safe And Sound
Scandal, Vol. 1 01. Scandal
02. You'll Get Up Again
03. In Dreams
04. The Beginning Of The End
05. Never Gonna Get It
06. Scoundresl Like You
07. Never Ask You
08. We're Heading Off Course
Scandal, Vol. 2 01. Kicks In
02. The Flame
03. Better Than This
04. Clown
05. Like A Moth
06. Running
07. When You Come Around
08. Goodbye My Love
Mellom disse 4 vegger 01. 4 vegger
02. Fritt fall
03. Tyv
04. Svømmer
05. Høsten som kommer
06. Ikke deg
07. 12-trikken
08. Tidsfordriv
09. En skygge av deg
All Lies
Better Than This: Acoustic ˕ Live Sessions 2015 ˕ Radio Edit
Break You: Acoustic Live #1 ˕ Acoustic Live #2 ˕ Alloy Showcase Acoustic Live 2007 ˕ Tiscali Showcase Live Acoustic
Bullet Me
Chandelier NRK P3 Live
Colors Turn To Grey ˕ Acoustic
Comfort You
Driving: Acoustic ˕ Studio1 Live 2015
Everything Studio1 Live 2015
Falling Away Tiscali Showcase Live Acoustic
Flesh And Bone
For You I'll Die Acoustic Live 2007
Found Someone
Get Over Me
Habits (Stay High) Live Sessions 2015
Here I Am: Acoustic ˕ Edit ˕ Studio1 Live 2015 ˕ Tiscali Showcase Live Acoustic
Home Acoustic
I Forgot His Name Tokyo Live
In Dreams: Achtabahn Mix ˕ Acoustic
It's All Coming Back To Me Now (Meat Loaf featuring Marion Ravn): Album Version ˕ Ontario Live ˕ Promo Edit ˕ Radio Version ˕ Studio1 Live 2015
                                                                                                                  The Royal Albert Hall Live ˕ Video Edit
Like A Prayer Live
Moonlight Shadow: BVGATTI Original Mix ˕ Radio Norge Acoustic Live
Når du sover
Nerven i min sand
Never Easy
Never Leave Me Acoustic
Rest Your Head featuring Thom Hell (Live)
Start Over Live
Surfing The Sun
Syndere i sommersol duet with Magnus Grønneberg
Thank You For Loving Me Acoustic Live
The Minute: Acoustic ˕ Live ˕ Studio1 Live 2015
The Prayer Live
There I Said It
Unforgivable Sinner
We Are W.I.T.C.H. Full Version
When you Come Around Live Sessions 2015
Where I'm Headed duet with Lene Marlin
You'll Get Up Again Live Sessions 2015