Broken Bracelet 01. If Only She Knew
02. Sweet Misery
03. Washing Machine
04. I'd Rather Be In Love
05. Paper Pieces
06. Stewart's Coat
07. I'll Always Be Right There
08. Goodbye To You
09. Second Chances
10. Leap Of Faith
11. Sweet Misery Acoustic
The Spirit Room 01. Everywhere
02. You Get Me
03. All You Wanted
04. You Set Me Free
05. Something To Sleep To
06. Here With Me
07. Sweet Misery
08. If Only She Knew
09. I'd Rather Be In Love
10. Goodbye To You
11. Drop In The Ocean
Hotel Paper 01. Intro Instrumental
02. Are You Happy Now?
03. Find Your Way Back
04. Empty Handed
05. Tuesday Morning
06. One Of These Days
07. Love Me Like That featuring Sheryl Crow
08. Desperately
09. Breathe
10. Where Are You Now?
11. Hotel Paper
12. 'Til I Get Over You
13. It's You
Stand Still, Look Pretty 01. Leave The Pieces
02. Way Back Home
03. The Good Kind
04. Tennessee
05. My, Oh My
06. Stand Still, Look Pretty
07. Cigarettes
08. Hard To Love You
09. Lay Me Down
10. One More Girl
11. Rain
12. Crazy People
Way Back Home: Live From New York City 01. The Good Kind
02. Love Me Like That
03. Way Back Home
04. Damn That Radio
05. Crazy People
06. Cigarettes
07. My, Oh My
08. Different Truck, Same Loser
09. Tennessee
10. Lay Me Down
11. Leave The Pieces
12. Stand Still, Look Pretty
13. Rain
The Video Anthology 01. Everywhere
02. All You Wanted
03. Goodbye To You
04. Are You Happy Now?
05. Breathe
06. Leave The Pieces
07. My, Oh My
08. This Way
09. Sooner Or Later
Everything Comes And Goes [EP] 01. Ready To Let You Go
02. Sooner Or Later
03. I Want Tears
04. Crazy Ride
05. Summertime
06. Everything Comes And Goes
Hopeless Romantic 01. Best You Ever
02. You're Good
03. Fault Line
04. Heartbreak Now
05. Hopeless Romantic
06. Living A Lie
07. Knock Yourself Out
08. Temporary Feeling
09. Carry Me Home
10. Not A Love Song
11. Last Night
12. Bad Side
13. Shadow
14. City

A Case Of You
A Horse With No Name Patrick Carney featuring Michelle Branch
All You Wanted: Acoustic Live #1 ˕ Acoustic Live #2 ˕ Acoustic Live #3 ˕ Unplugged ˕ WB Records Summer Sessions Acoustic Live 2011
Another Sun
Are You Happy Now?: AC Pop Mix ˕ Sessions@AOL Live 2003 ˕ WB Records Summer Sessions Acoustic Live 2011
Breathe: Chris Cox Penetrating Club Remix ˕ CMT Studio 330 Sessions Acoustic ˕ Dave Hernandex Club Remix ˕ High Bias Radio Mix
                Oxygen Custom Concert 2004 Live ˕ Sean Konnery Resportator Club Remix ˕ Sean Konnery Resportator Radio Edit ˕ Sessions@AOL Live 2003
                The Passengerz Tuff Club Remix ˕ The Passengerz Tuff Radio Mix
Carry Me Acoustic Live
Crazy Ride: Acoustic ˕ Acoustic Live ˕ CMT Studio 330 Sessions Acoustic ˕ WIVK FM Acoustic Live
Deeper Hanson featuring Michelle Branch
Desperately: Grand Ole Opry Acoustic Live 2007 ˕ Sessions@AOL Acoustic Live 2003 ˕ The Bowery Live 2007
Don't Feel Like Dancing
Down To The River
Empty Handed: Oxygen Custom Concert 2004 Live ˕ Sessions@AOL Live 2003
Everywhere: Acoustic ˕ Acoustic Live #1 ˕ Acoustic Live #2 ˕ Sessions@AOL Live 2003 ˕ Ultimix ˕ WB Records Summer Sessions Acoustic Live
                      X-Mix (Edit)
Fall Hard Rock Café Live
Find Your Way Back Sessions@AOL Live 2003
For Dear Life ˕ Acoustic ˕ WB Records Summer Sessions Acoustic Live 2011
Getaway featuring Timbaland
Good Love Rhiwa with Michelle Branch
Goodbye To You: Buffy The Vampire version ˕ Unplugged
Happen To Call
Heartbeat Live 2011 (Chris Isaak & Michelle Branch)
Heart-Shaped Box Oxygen Custom Concert 2004 Live
Here We Go Again
Hey Baby
Hold My Heart Acoustic
Hotel Paper: Oxygen Custom Concert 2004 Live ˕ Sessions@AOL Live 2003
I Lose My Heart Chris Isaak featuring Michelle Branch
I'd Rather Be In Love Acoustic Live
If Only She Knew Acoustic Live
I'm Feeling You (Santana featuring The Wreckers): Album Version ˕ Radio Edit
I'm Not Going To Follow You Home
I'm Not That Strong
Jack And Jim
Just Don't Fall In Love
Just Let Me In
Just Like Me
Knock Yourself Out: Acoustic ˕ Acoustic Live ˕ HB Festival Live 2014
Lay Me Down
Leave The Pieces: Acoustic ˕ Acoustic Live ˕ CMT Studio 330 Sessions Acoustic ˕ Pop Mix
Life On Mars?
Long Goodbye Dwight Yoakam featuring Michelle Branch ˕ Acoustic Live with Hillary Lindsey
Loud Music ˕ Acoustic ˕ Demo ˕ Instrumental ˕ WB Records Summer Sessions Acoustic Live
Lucky Enough
Making My Way with Omarion, Monica, Bubba Sparxxx, Sleepy Brown, & JC Chasez
My, Oh My Demo
Now That I Found You
Play With Fire
Pretty Little Lyin' Eyes
Ready To Let You Go CMT Studio 330 Sessions Acoustic
River Live 2003
Show Me A Sign
Sleep Dustin Boyer featuring Michelle Branch
Smoke And Feathers
Sooner Or Later: Acoustic #1 ˕ Acoustic #2 ˕ Acoustic Live ˕ CMT Studio 330 Sessions Acoustic ˕ Pop Mix
Spark ˕ Acoustic
Spring Breakdown
Standing On The Edge Universal Amphitheater Live 2011
Star-Crossed Acoustic Live
Strawberry Wine
Summertime Live Acoustic
Sunset Cigarette
Sweet Misery: 20th Anniversary Version ˕ Acoustic Live ˕ Live
Take A Chance On Me
Texas In The Mirror
The Game Of Love: Acoustic Live ˕ Santana featuring Michelle Branch (Album Version) ˕ Santana featuring Michelle Branch (Instrumental)
                                  Santana featuring Michelle Branch (Main/Radio Mix)
The Good Kind: Acoustic ˕ One Tree Hill Vol. 1 Version
The Story Of Us Live ˕ Orlando Live 2011
This Way ˕ Single Version
Through The Radio ˕ Acoustic Live featuring Hillary Lindsey
'Til I Get Over You Sessions@AOL Live
Tuesday Morning Acoustic Live
Walk Again
Wanting Out
West Coast Time
What Don't Kill You ˕ Film Version
When Morning Comes
Without You Justincase featuring Michelle Branch
World In Your Mouth
You Get Me 20th Anniversary Version
Young Blood